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What is BEAUTY by Apothecary?

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The Beauty by Apothecary Story

Founded in 2018, Beauty by Apothecary is a women-owned skincare company committed to providing the finest organic and holistic skincare products in the industry.  Our recipes are curated from the very best that mother nature has to offer. Ranging from everyday skincare to pampering self-care, each product is ethically sourced and meticulously hand-crafted utilizing truly organic ingredients such as unrefined cold-press oils, essential oils, and plant extracts.  These antioxidant-rich and nutrient-dense ingredients are highly effective in aiding the skin to repair, revitalize, and protect the skin from environmental damages. 



Cristina Brunuea’s passion for pursuing a chemical-free lifestyle began after finding out her daughter was suffering from kidney failure and needed a transplant.   As her mother, Cristina was a suitable donor. She immediately began focusing on ways to better support their now shared kidneys and overall health.  

 Understanding that the kidneys function as the body’s filter system, her mission was to swap all of her daily toxin-filled products to clean and chemical-free ones, especially her skincare.  After countless hours of research, Cristina decided to craft her own toxin-free products, and Beauty by Apothecary was born! 


Co-Founder & Partner 

Suzanna Dupuy became Co-Founder and Partner of Beauty by Apothecary in 2019.  She is a skincare guru with 18+ years of experience in the skincare industry specializing in retail management for high-end skincare brands.  Suzanna’s passion for health and beauty drives her desire for bringing quality organic skincare to the market. After connecting with Cristina and witnessing Beauty by Apothecary’s successful launch, Suzanna jumped on the opportunity to partner with her.

Cristina and Suzanna aspire to make a difference in the way we take care of ourselves.  They are 100% committed to creating better solutions for people and the environment by delivering  high-quality, truly organic products that work.