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About Us

From the Owner ~ Elena  

Boutique de Lanie Gabrielle began as a dream many years ago, but the journey started in June 2020 in my dining room in Pennsylvania.  In 1999, I also had a dream that my first child would be a girl and naming her Gabrielle.  Instead, I had an amazing (but colicky!) son, Gabriel ~ as he is my angel.  Lanie is my second child… a nickname that my Dad gave me growing up, which I cherish.  And from there, the boutique name of Boutique de Lanie Gabrielle was born!  Now, I cannot forget my youngest Sienna, who hand picked our logo and is my creative director and helper! 😊

I am originally from the suburbs of NYC and spent 18 years there until I moved to Pennsylvania to go to school.  I have since settled in Quakertown, Pennsylvania where I run my online boutique.  All orders are shipped directly from Pennsylvania!

Uncompromising Quality - Products are carefully selected based on durable materials, craftmanship and brand reputation.  We are not fast fashion - these styles are chosen to stand the test of time.  The 20th wash should look as good as the 1st!  We try to stock as many items as possible made/designed in the USA, as well as supporting other small businesses. 

Many of the items in the boutique are limited release – so if you love something, snag it… it may not be there tomorrow!  We aim to ship your items within 24 hours of you placing your order. 

We stock a wide range of sizes – from XS to 4XL, as we believe that all sizes are beautiful!  There is a large selection of options – and many due to be released!  If you are looking for a specific style – either in or out of season, please reach out! 

I hope you enjoy my various collections and accessories as much as I have enjoyed curating them and embarking on this exciting journey.   Happy Shopping and stopping by to learn more about us!

I always love to hear feedback – about your purchases and shopping experience and of course if you have any questions. 

Also, please let us know how you found us for a special discount code!

All the Best,

Elena ~