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NEW ~ HOLIDAY ~ Scented Jewelry ~ Tiny Hands Scented S'Mores Necklace!

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Size: 18 inch silver ballchain, charm is 3/4" wide
Material: Polymer clay, gloss, silver findings
Smells like: Toasted marshmallows and chocolate

Sitting by the campfire toasting marshmallows will never be the same again! Treat yourself to the adorable Scented Smores Necklace by Tiny Hands and be the envy of your camping friends.

Handmade from polymer clay, Mei at Tiny Hands mixed just the perfect amount of colors and created the most realistic texture that resembles our American favorite summer snack. We matched the miniature graham cracker to a real one so it's just like you'll be getting a mini sized Smore. The marshmallow is toasty and even looks melted, with hints of crispy burn spots. Sandwiched between crackers and marshmallow is a square of chocolate to complete this super cute necklace!

Do you remember that night you and your girl friends told ghost stories by the moon light at that camping trip so many years ago? And those ooey gooey Smores you guys made? Relive those memories with this realistically handmade Smores Necklace.

Includes gift box!