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NEW ~ Scented Jewelry ~ Tiny Hands Scented Apple Necklace!

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Size: Approx 3/4" Gala apple charm attached to 18” silver necklace

Material: Clay, silver ball chain
Smells Like: Refreshing (and super realistic!) sweet apples

Do you find it hard to defy temptation? True, it may not have been plucked from the Garden of Eden, but the adorable size of this scented apple necklace has us enchanted nonetheless.

A teeny ½ inch in height by 5/8 of an inch wide, it's actually smaller than the average thumbnail, yet is so stunningly realistic it's bound to capture the eyes and imaginations of all your friends. Notice how the distinctive burnt orange skin graduates into a vibrant, delicious red – so glossy and polished, it'll take all your willpower not to try a little nibble!

Red, rosy and satisfyingly crunchy, it's not difficult to see how Eve and Snow White couldn't resist a bite of nature's forbidden fruit.

Unfortunately, this hand-sculpted polymer clay miniature isn't edible, but laced with the scrumptiously crisp and energizing scent of real harvest apples, we have to admit, it's as mouthwateringly tantalizing as the real thing!

Suspended from a classy 18-inch silver chain, this flirty Scented Apple Necklace will ensure you smell irresistible 24/7!

Includes gift box!