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NEW ~ Scented Jewelry ~ Tiny Hands Scented Pancake Necklace!

Size: ½” tall and ¾” in diameter pancake charm attached to 18” silver necklace
Material: Polymer clay, gloss, silver ball chain
Smells Like: Sweet maple syrup, butter and breakfast stack’o pancakes

Do you never have time for a take-out breakfast? It might not be edible, yet the aroma of our Scented Pancake Necklace has been known to work near miracles for those with a growling stomach. A delicious investment sure to draw endless comments and positive critique, this melt-in-the-mouth, butter-topped pancake charm could be just the distraction you need when time is in short supply!

Food and love are linked throughout history. So too are pancakes and family! Memories of Shrove Tuesday are almost certain to recall the impatient wait for that tricky pancake toss. The nostalgic aroma, that heavenly combination of sweetened batter and maple syrup, is vividly recaptured by Tiny Hands in her indulgent pancake masterpiece – ironically inedible and sculpted entirely from polymer clay.

No attention to detail has been spared in building this miniature stack of breakfast pancakes, complete with a sweetheart serving of just-melted butter and lashings of maple syrup trickling down the sides. The pancake charm stands at a darling ½ inch in height, and less than ¾ of an inch in diameter.

Nostalgic presents convey a great deal of thought and effort, but they're also a wonderful way of reviving an old memory. Scented with a delicious maple butter-cream fragrance, our Scented Pancake Necklace could be the gift that brings back fond memories for you and a sister, or childhood friend. Suspended from a lustrous 18 inch silver chain, this tiny investment will symbolize years of memories that only you and she share together.

Includes gift box!

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