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NEW ~ Scented Jewelry ~ Tiny Hands Scented Cake Pop Necklace!

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Size: 18 inch silver plated ballchain, cake pop is 1 1/4" tall
Material: Polymer clay, silver plated findings
Smells like: Strawberry and chocolate cake

Have you ever had a cake pop? If not, we won't tell - you can opt for a wearable version, instead! This delightful Scented Cake Pop Necklace looks just like the real thing - chocolate cake crumbs and icing formed into a ball and then dipped in baby pink chocolate and spinkled with tiny white nonpareil sprinkles.

Take a look at this little bite size wonder! At only 1 1/4" tall with the smell of freshly baked chocolate cake and strawberries, who can resist? Designed by polymer clay artist Mei of Tiny Hands Online, this cake pop necklace would be a great accessory to show off while working at the bakery or to celebrate a birthday party.

Hung upon a lustrous silvery chain, 18 inches in length, our Scented Cake Pop Necklace would make such an adorable addition to your jewelry collection. People will have to come in for a closer look and marvel at the lovely texture and detail. Why not pair this piece with some pastel hues or a poofy retro skirt or petticoat? 

Includes gift box!