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Scented Jewelry ~ Tiny Hands Bubblegum Scented Lollipop Necklace!

Size: 18 inch sterling silver ball chain necklace, lollipop is 1" tall
Material: Polymer clay, gloss, sterling silver findings
Smells like: Bubblegum

A throwback to the psychedelic 80's, this fun Bubblegum Scented Lollipop Necklace is sure to recall a few memories. Even if you weren't so privileged to have lived through that colorful era, you can still embrace a trend that has Katy Perry smitten. A spectrum of colors from red through to white, we guarantee this chic kawaii necklace will have everyone talking!

If your best friend has a sweet tooth, this inspired candy necklace is sure to appeal. Dressed in bright rainbow colors and infused with a youthful bubblegum scent, it's bound to bring about a host of childhood memories. This playful Bubblegum Scented Lollipop Necklace was crafted from polymer clay by Mei's Tiny Hands, attached to a tiny stick for ultimate effect. Of course, this realism comes at a price – you'll be so tempted to sneak a lick!

Attached to a glitzy, bright sterling silver chain, this versatile lollipop necklace will add a splash of color to any outfit. Embrace your playful side with bright pastel jeans and a contrasting top, sure to bring out the character of this dazzling Tiny Hands piece!

Includes gift box!

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